Your community-driven recruitment platform

RiseKit brings together employers, social services, and workforce and education leaders to connect untapped talent with family-sustaining wage employment.

Trusted by 200+ community organizations, workforce programs, schools, employers, funders and government partners.

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How Does RiseKit Work?

Build community-driven talent

Effortlessly collaborate with community-based organizations to discover untapped talent beyond traditional channels.

Meet candidates where they are

Create an accessible hiring journey by engaging candidates where they are and leveraging community partners for support.

Boost HR team capacity

Simplify hiring processes to save talent acquisition teams up to 4 hours a month, allowing them to focus on expanding candidate pools and optimizing retention strategies.

Engage directly with community

Drive community engagement through recruitment marketing best practices, including community outreach and monthly webinars, offering insights into your company culture and available job openings.

Expand employer partnerships

Enhance collaboration and strengthen your relationships with employers committed to hiring under-resourced communities.

Empower participant experience

Support participants throughout their journey by fostering connections, making referrals, and guiding them every step of the way towards meaningful employment.

Enhance participant tracking

Monitor and review participant outcomes collaboratively with employers and referral partners to gain a comprehensive understanding of program effectiveness and participant success.

Build organizational capacity

Boost operational efficiency by streamlining processes, including resource sharing and communication with participants and employers, saving valuable time and resources.

Streamline workforce coordination

Help leaders coordinate and connect the workforce ecosystem efficiently, going beyond job placements to bridge supportive services and enhance the community experience.

Improve community outcomes

Centralize workforce program data into a consolidated view to gain a better understanding of program effectiveness.

Promote collaboration

Cultivate a collaborative atmosphere among workforce leaders, fostering a culture of continuous improvement through peer-learning sessions and workshops.

Empower community residents

Empower individuals navigating the workforce ecosystem by removing barriers and increasing access to opportunities, facilitating meaningful participation and success in career navigation and employment opportunities.

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