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Safe and Sound Return Partnership


The Safe and Sound Return Partnership (SSRP) is a program that will help coordinate services for returning citizens. SSRP leverages the existing infrastructure to AFC’s correction case management program an existing taskforce with multiple disciplines and resources. The goal is to increase access to medical services, housing and employment and other services for participants.

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Do You Need Help Finding Jobs Or Training?

SSRP has a created a network collaborative, of diverse partners that will provide employment and other supportive services. As a collaborative partnership, we develop and deliver trainings to increase the capacity of housing and employment.

About Us

Safe and Sound Return Partnership (SSRP) is a Chicago based program that examines how employment and housing services affect the health of returning citizens. The goal of this project is to increase the expansion of employment, housing, and training services for individuals recently released from jail or prison. The SSRP taskforce provides multidisciplinary interventions that bring together partners from community-based organizations, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), HUD/HOPWA, and DOL funded services to coach, mentor participants and advocate for policy change. The SSRP program will assist returning citizens with building their confidence, knowledge, and skills to find job opportunities.

Our Collaborative