Your bridge to seamless workforce collaboration, creating efficient connections for coordinated resources and community empowerment.

Navigating employer partnerships and creating pathways for participants doesn’t have to be time-consuming.


CommunityKit empowers organizations to walk side-by-side with participants by making it easy to share jobs and resources, discover new opportunities, and efficiently engage with employer partners to ensure they secure the job they deserve.


Strengthen Employer Connections

Connect with recruiters and their organizations to better understand their specific job requirements.

Personalize Opportunity Recommendations

Track participants' job and resource preferences to recommend opportunities that match their interests.

Re-Engage Participants

Prioritize meeting participants where they are and keeping them at the forefront of their journey.

Maximize Program Funding

Efficient tracking and data leads to enhanced program capacity and clear communication of program performance.

Our Community Partners

Empowering community leaders for lasting change.

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How CommunityKit Works

Streamline Communications

Create direct chats to communicate seamlessly with participants, employers, and referral partners, ensuring messages are prioritized and not lost in email clutter.


Unlock a Network of Opportunities

Empower participants to access a comprehensive directory of job, training, and supportive services opportunities, to provide personalized support throughout their journey.


Gain Actionable Insights

Identify where participants might be facing barriers and measure the impact on employment outcomes and confidence levels.


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