Your backbone technology provider to mobilize workforce collaborations and improved community outcomes.

Building a cohesive workforce coordination and collaboration experience for your community doesn't have to be disjointed.


ImpactKit centralizes workforce efforts, fostering an efficient and accessible ecosystem that empowers community leaders to enhance the overall navigation experience for individuals.


Expand Economic Access

Centralize all workforce programs into one platform, simplifying access to opportunities for community residents.



Foster Community-Building 

Unite employers, community organizations, and workforce and education leaders to share insights and collaborate for progress.

Build Capacity For Community Organizations

Equip on-the-ground experts with user-friendly tools to streamline connections with referral partners and employers.

Data-Driven Insights

Consolidate workforce data into a comprehensive view for clearer insights into successes and improvement opportunities.

Our Partners

Empowering community leaders for lasting change.

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How ImpactKit Works

Unlock Opportunities for Everyone

Build a comprehensive directory of community and employer resources, extending outreach and networks beyond traditional face-to-face interactions.


Unify Workforce Engagement

Enable cross-sector collaboration and communication among employers, community organizations, and overlooked job seekers through a centralized platform.

Measure What Matters

Generate real-time community data insights to inform workforce development decisions, understand community outcomes, craft success narratives, and enhance economic mobility.


What communities can RiseKit support?

College & High School Alumni


Second Chance Candidates

Homeless Candidates

Senior Job Seekers

Refugees and Immigrants

Opportunity Youth

Disability Inclusion

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