How to maintain employment partnerships during Covid-19, according to Jane Addams Resource Corporation


The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the workforce development landscape. Many employers are struggling to find great talent, and agencies are having difficulty keeping up with the demand. There are effectively so many jobs flooding the market right now that job seekers have greater flexibility and choices.


It's changed, and it hasn't changed,” said Mallory Zilligen, Business Services Coordinator at the Jane Addams Resource Corporation (JARC). She added that her engagement with job seekers looks much different now, but engagement with employers has remained relatively the same.


Before the pandemic, JARC relied heavily on emails and phone calls to communicate with partners, and that process has remained consistent besides cutting out site visits and scheduled tours. However, most contact was in person for the job seekers, so going fully remote has been a major change.


“I feel like the Covid pandemic has impacted the job seekers themselves, maybe more than [the employment partners],” Zilligen added.


In light of the digital shift, JARC is currently focused on keeping the communication and engagement level with both employment partners and clients at the same level or better than before the pandemic. That is how the agency has maintained its high level of satisfaction and success during these uncertain times.