RiseKit To Partner with Chicago-Based Noble Schools


Partnership Will Impact Over 20,000 Young People


CHICAGO—Technology company RiseKit is partnering with Noble Schools, tuition-free, public charter schools in Chicago, to improve the efficacy of their programs and create a trackable and streamlined system to better connect with their former students. This partnership will help Noble’s more than 20,000 alumni with college and job readiness.

Through Noble’s Alumni Career Office, RiseKit will assist with alumni engagement and help alumni build career pathways. RiseKit’s software will also help the office staff increase their overall capacity.

“As a Chicago-based company, RiseKit is honored to partner with a local company that is making a national impact,” said Matt Strauss, CEO at RiseKit. We are honored that more than 20,000 young adults will be able to enhance their career journey through our innovative software.”

“Our alumni, in many ways, are feeling the effects of a market still adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic,” said Solomon Dixon, Director of Alumni Careers at Noble Schools. However, our Alumni Career Office exists to positively impact their employment outcomes. This partnership with RiseKit will ultimately help many first-generation college graduates and underemployed individuals receive the customized assistance they need most.”

Noble’s Alumni Career Office helps its alumni unlock their greatest potential through effective career coaching. The office contributes to an overall pre-pandemic success rate of 85% employment or graduate school enrollment for its recently graduated alumni in 2019. Dixon believes this demonstrates the power of Noble’s to-and-through college and career model. This partnership aims to restore and eventually increase these positive outcomes.


About RiseKit

RiseKit is a venture-backed, Chicago-based SaaS company reimagining workforce development through technology. Through its community platform, RiseKit is powering economic mobility programs and ecosystems to increase impact in communities across the country. To learn more, visit RiseKit at www.risekit.co.

About Noble Schools
At Noble, we are college bound. Noble’s 18 nonprofit charter public schools prepare roughly 12,400 students for college success each year with excellent teaching, rigorous academics, and comprehensive wraparound support. With love and high expectations, Noble guides students through the college application process and is recognized nationally for innovations in supporting over 20,000 alumni. MIT researchers found that students who attended Noble grew more academically than similar peers who attended selective enrollment schools. Learn more and join us at www.nobleschools.org.