Chicago-based software company Risekit helps 'overlooked' candidates find jobs


RiseKit’s efforts in helping underserved communities was recently featured on ABC7 Chicago. View the story below.



After 13 years working for an insurance collections company, Imelda Mason was laid off last April. The 60-year-old had no plans for early retirement, so she sought a new job, but much has changed since the last time Mason found employment.

"It's all online, so I didn't know where to start," Mason said, "which is why I signed up with One Place to Search."

The search site connected her with a Chicago-based software company called Risekit.

"We use the word overlooked," said Matt Strauss, Risekit CEO and founder. "Often our job seekers may have a barrier to employment or don't have access to more jobs, their resumes might not be accepted in the applicant tracking systems."

Strauss said his software connects "overlooked" job seekers, primarily from Chicago's South and West sides, with non-profits and employers.

"Our employer partners are hospitality, warehouse, industrial, manufacturing, customer service, call centers and IT Jobs," Strauss said.

Helping with the process are dozens of non-profits who provide case workers to help job seekers, including the Chicago Urban League.

"What the Urban league adds is the human factor," Chicago Urban League President & CEO Karen Freeman-Wilson said. "We look at their background, their resume, we suggest certain tweaks, we make the handoff to recruiters at companies."

Job seekers can either go through a non-profit or directly to the Risekit website where one or the company's recruiters helps. That is the path Mason took.

"She was a great help, she pretty much I would say did the leg work," Mason said. "She said, 'I have a company I think you would be great fit for.'"

Mason starts a new collections job on October 10.

"It's a new chapter for me, I'm happy," she said.

Mason's goal is to keep working until she until can't.