Chicago Tech Startup Helps Underserved Jobseekers Find Employment


RiseKit partners with the City of Chicago, non-profits like the Chicago Urban League, Easterseals, and corporations to help people in underserved communities find jobs that can kick-start a lifetime of financial security while helping employers improve diversity and representation of underserved communities in their workforce.  “Underserved” refers to populations that are disadvantaged because of the ability to pay, access health care, or other disparities because of race, religion, language group, or social status. 


RiseKit works like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. Its unique software connects job seekers with employers who work with them to ensure their success. RiseKit is where overlooked job-ready talent will find you. Since 2019, the company has placed nearly 500 people in jobs and training programs. Once they sign up, applicants will receive resume help, mock interview support, and job readiness training. With this assistance, people have gotten employment with McDonald's, Amazon, and major grocery store chains. 


RiseKit has partnered with the City of Chicago Department of Family Support Services in over 50 workforce programs. Some organizations, like the Chicago Urban League and Easterseals have upgraded their software with RiseKit. Howard Brown Health, Will Group, Blitt & Gaines, and Kaizen Health are all partners.


Matt Strauss started RiseKit with the vision that a person’s barriers, zip code, and history unfairly define the careers they can create and the life they are destined to live. He vowed to change that by using his talents and developing the right power partnerships.


Misha Bates is a single mother who couldn’t find work signed up with RiseKit through Teamwork Englewood and got her dream job at the Will Group.  See her amazing story and others in the video below.



Jemome K Received help from the non-profit group “All Chicago” to obtain housing, job training, job certification, and eventually a job to support him and his son.


Tramon Lee faced multiple barriers to employment because of his involvement with the justice system. Now, through RiseKit, he’s applying for several paid, re-entry workforce development programs. Having RiseKit in his corner, Tramon no longer feels overwhelmed and appreciates the simplicity of the company’s technology.


Sharon Williams came to RiseKit concerned about age discrimination. Now she’s a marketing coordinator at Cigna.  


Ariana Herrera was working as a paralegal and in desperate need of a career change. RiseKit held mock interviews to help Ariana articulate how her legal skills could translate over into education. Today, Ariana is a full-time teacher’s aide with Chicago Public Schools.


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