RiseKit announces $1.4M round of funding


RiseKit is excited to announce we have successfully raised $1.4M from a stellar group of angel investors led by the Stand Together Foundation and the Verte Opportunity Fund. These funds will be used in development and to ramp up sales and marketing efforts.
In a world where someone’s barriers, zip code, and history can define what careers and opportunities they have access to, RiseKit strives to shatter those barriers to enable others to create the lives they are destined to live. For the 'American Dream' to be viable for all, we need solutions that can meet individuals where they are and support them in getting to the next stage of their career. 
We are most excited about the life stories we’ll be able to play a part in with this new investment. Giving RiseKit users the tools to prosper and grow allows us the opportunity to reach even more people from underserved communities to help them to find and stay on a fulfilling career path - which is our ultimate goal.
“We connect individuals, typically in underserved communities, to jobs to rise above all their barriers to employment,” said Matt Strauss, RiseKit’s CEO. “It’s really like a network to give our users access to every opportunity. With these investments, we’re trying to help change the way we’re dealing with poverty.”
About RiseKit:
RiseKit stands for a world where a person’s barriers, zip code, and history do not define the careers they can create and the life they’re destined to live. Our software makes it easier for people from underserved communities to find and stay on a fulfilling career pathway. We do this by providing them access to basic and career resources, a support network, and job opportunities all in one place.