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DFSS Renews Partnership with RiseKit to Boost Chicagoland Job Opportunities


In Chicago, a partnership between the Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) and RiseKit is making a real difference. Their collaboration aims to enhance job opportunities and economic empowerment for residents across the city.


Since its inception, the DFSS-RiseKit partnership has made significant progress in placing individuals into jobs and training programs. Today, we're excited to announce the renewal of this partnership, marking a commitment to further strengthen these efforts and expand their reach.


The partnership's impact extends beyond government and corporate entities, resonating with employers and nonprofit organizations alike. Employers such as Zentro Internet have witnessed the benefits of connecting with diverse talent pools through RiseKit. Nonprofit delegates from organizations such as North Lawndale Employment Network have praised the initiative for empowering underserved communities.


“Zentro Internet is thrilled to be part of this exciting program, working alongside RiseKit and DFSS to empower Chicago job seekers. RiseKit’s integration with our existing applicant tracking system, JazzHR, aligns with our innovation first principal and aligns perfectly with our desire to create career opportunities.” said Tom Vranas, Chief of Staff, Innovation and People at Zentro Internet.

“The North Lawndale Employment Network is excited to continue our collaboration with RiseKit and DFSS, further enhancing our mission to transform lives through employment and justice. This partnership enables us to connect more Chicagoans with sustainable job opportunities and training, fostering lasting economic growth and community resilience.” said Darrian McNeal Retention Specialist at North Lawndale Employment Network


As the partnership enters its next phase, more job seekers, employers, and nonprofits are encouraged to join this collaborative effort. RiseKit offers job seekers access to resources tailored to their needs, helping them find suitable employment.  Employers benefit by reducing their time-to-fill vacancies through a vast network of community partners, providing them with skill-ready candidates. Nonprofits can expand their impact by improving the navigation experience for their participants and connecting them to employment opportunities in the Chicagoland area.


Learn more about our partnership with DFSS here.