RiseKit and Assisi Foundation: A Partnership for Socio-Economic Mobility


Unlocking Opportunity in Memphis


The Assisi Foundation, dedicated to effective philanthropy, serves as a cornerstone in Memphis and the Mid-South. Through strategic partnerships with nonprofits, they aim to uplift communities and foster positive change. Recognizing the challenges in Memphis's workforce ecosystem, particularly with enrollment and program completion, Tiffanie Grier, Program Officer at the Assisi Foundation, and her team spearheaded efforts to address these issues.

Teaming up with RiseKit, the Assisi Foundation aimed to bridge the gaps in the fragmented workforce development landscape. Their goal was clear: enhance collaboration among stakeholders to improve outcomes for Memphis residents and facilitate social upward mobility.

The Assisi Foundation partnered with RiseKit to conduct a landscape assessment which uncovered significant room for improvement in Memphis's workforce development ecosystem: only about 30% of talent successfully finding employment. RiseKit emerged as a solution, providing a centralized platform to streamline workforce efforts, empower community leaders, and catalyze connections within local ecosystems.

The partnership with RiseKit “has been overwhelmingly positive,” noted Tiffanie. Testimonials from individuals like Atheia, a graduate of the Goodwill Excel Center, underscored RiseKit's effectiveness in supporting social upward mobility.


“RiseKit was a great resource for me and other classmates to help continue to climb the ladder in employment. I loved the way the platform was set up!”  - Atheia, Goodwill Excel Center Memphis Graduate

Moreover, organizations like Opportunity R3, a program of the City of Memphis, witnessed remarkable improvements in their workflow, thanks to RiseKit. John Cowherd, Pathways Specialist at Opportunity R3, lauded RiseKit's ability to streamline processes and improve communication.

In conclusion, the collaboration between the Assisi Foundation and RiseKit exemplifies how strategic partnerships can address workforce development challenges. By fostering collaboration and leveraging technology, they create a more inclusive and effective ecosystem, empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.