How Stand Together and RiseKit are partnering to break employment barriers for millions of Americans: 3 Key Benefits


3 Key Benefits of the RiseKit and Stand Together partnership

RiseKit started in 2017 when Matt Strauss was mentoring job seekers at a nonprofit and saw the transformative impact of supporting someone on their path to meaningful employment.  Today, a person’s zip code predicts their economic outcome, thus limiting opportunities to escape poverty. RiseKit created a solution to make it easier for people to connect with jobs, job training, and support services to rise above their given circumstances.

In 2020, the Stand Together Foundation invested $750,000 in RiseKit to develop and scale their workforce solution using predictive analytics. It’s the first tool of its kind to truly bring the workforce system to people making it easier for them to rise out of poverty. The strategic investment will position RiseKit to help millions of un(der) employed individuals from underserved communities across the U.S. to find and stay in careers over the next five years. 

What does this mean? Here are 3 key benefits of this investment for RiseKit’s community:
1. Artificial Intelligence-powered software sans bias: Building a more robust AI-powered workforce development solution that will, with predictive analytics, provide personalized pathways for job candidates to rise above society’s barriers to middle-class status. Sihyun Choi, managing director of Stand Together Ventures Lab said it best, “We completely agree on a vision of using predictive analytics to provide a personalized pathway to help underrepresented and low-income residents reach economic mobility.”
2. More success stories: Including the Stand Together Foundation’s network of more than 180 nonprofit organizations will extend RiseKit’s reach which will help to increase our community of users. This community will help to support growth in our key markets, Dallas, Atlanta, and Chicago, and allow RiseKit to give employers access to even more diverse candidates looking for careers and support programs. Evan Feinberg, the executive director of Stand Together Foundation, emphasized this benefit saying, “We believe we can help RiseKit connect with the best nonprofits in the country and an employer network that will meaningfully help them scale. We’re committed to helping them transform as many lives as possible.”
3. Improved community experience: RiseKit knows we are made better by the people who use and benefit from our software. So, we are expanding our team to ensure every candidate, employers, and nonprofit who joins our community can contribute to achieving our mission to provide every person, regardless of their zip code, can find and stay on a career pathway.

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