Meet Dominique Wilson, RiseKit's Customer Success Manager


Meet Dominique Wilson, one of our Co-Founders and Customer Success Manager here at RiseKit. Dominique has been with RiseKit since 2018, helping to grow it into the company you see today. 


When did you start working at/with RiseKit:  

I started working with RiseKit in 2016 alongside Matt Strauss. Over time we evolved into a community platform that shares jobs and local resources with community members across the US. 


What do you do at RiseKit?

At RiseKit,  I wear many hats. I support our Key Accounts within Chicago and our emerging markets. In addition, I help grow our pipeline of users from job candidates, community organizations, and employers. 


Describe how you have been able to rise in your career - to what can you attribute your success? 

I have risen to where I am in my career because I always sought opportunities. I would do research, ask questions, get involved, and stay committed. I attribute my success to the lessons I gained from my loved ones from family, friends, mentors, or complete strangers. Continuously, I would soak in their advice and took action upon their recommendations to manifest the life I want to live and the legacy I want to leave behind. 


A brief description of your work experience (aside from RiseKit): 

My experiences include working with Harvard School of Public Health, United Way Worldwide, and even in supporting organizations in Africa. My work throughout my career has focused on fundraising, account management, country wide systematic health development, and community development initiatives.  


Please share an inspirational quote that you believe will motivate others to help them RISE.

“Don’t Be Afraid, Take Actions Towards Your Goal Everyday & I Promise You Will Get Closer Than You Were Yesterday” - Dominique Wilson


Here's a few fun questions, to learn a little more about Dominique's personality!


What time do you wake up in the morning?


Between 5:30AM- 6AM most mornings. 

Do you have any pets?

No, but one day I want to get a canary bird.

Children / Spouse?

No children yet, but I do have a lovely girlfriend.


What’s your favorite vacation destination you’ve visited and why:

I love to travel and personally been to nearly 20 countries. So far, my favorite place to visit is countries in Africa. Everyone has always been very welcoming. In particular, Malawi was very peaceful & has one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

On the Coast of Lake Malawi

Dream vacation location?

My dream vacation is an unlimited one which I do not have any restrictions and can just enjoy the culture and life in a different environment. 

Do you have any tips for standing out in an interview?


Do your research, look up the leadership, company mission, and use your research to develop key questions. Don’t be shy, if you got the interview they like you already. Know that those who are prepared secure opportunities more often than those who aren’t

Favorite color:


Favorite sports team:


That’s very own Chicago Bulls

Favorite childhood meal:

Banana Pudding, my Granny would always have a dessert ready for me after school.


Reading, Running, & Traveling 

Fun Fact:

A building is named after me in The Gambia, Africa.

Visting Kampala,Uganda Innovation