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RiseKit Joins UKG’s Marketplace and Diversity Accelerator Program


RiseKit streamlines local and diverse hiring for UKG customers, paving a way for ATS Integrations to create a more equal world.

[CHICAGO, IL, February 27, 2024] - RiseKit, a US-based software provider changing how companies find untapped talent by sourcing candidates through community organizations, today announced that it is the newest member to join the UKG marketplace and Diversity Accelerator partner program. UKG is a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for all people. With more than 350 technology and services partners, UKG provides one of the largest and most collaborative partner ecosystems in the human capital management (HCM) industry focused on creating better employee experiences for all people, to improve business outcomes.

The UKG Diversity Accelerator Program funnels highly targeted and meaningful support and resources to the diverse-owned and diversity focused technology ecosystem while helping to maximize supplier diversity in the HCM market. Technology partners like RiseKit, accepted into the program receive free engineering and architectural support, go-to-market strategy planning, marketing resources, and business and leadership coaching to help their business grown even faster.  

“RiseKit is a great example of the importance of how inclusion and diversity can drive innovation and identify new business opportunities,” said Brian K. Reaves, chief belonging, equity and impact officer at UKG. “We know that companies who make the commitment to long-term investments in expanding their networks beyond traditional channels will be more competitive and profitable over the long-term.””  

Through this collaboration, RiseKit’s technology will integrate into UKG to provide customers an innovative way to source diverse talent from community organizations, all while saving time in scaling community hiring initiatives. RiseKit will automate job posting and job application status feedback loops to scale community hiring, connecting UKG customers with hundreds of community organizations across the country. 

Although there are 200,000 community organizations in the U.S., companies cannot team up with them due to tedious job application feedback loops and job-sharing processes. Even when collaboration is possible, corporations typically spend 50 hours per year establishing an alliance and feedback loop with just one community partner.  

A job application feedback loop is mandatory for businesses since community organizations need job application status updates to help job seekers address barriers to employment. But, based on RiseKit’s research, this process limits corporations to only having between two to 55 intimate community partnerships that provide the feedback loop.  

The collaboration of UKG and RiseKit will result in a one click application, making their software even more inclusive for all job seekers and community organization staff members. Thus, the companies that use UKG will significantly reduce time-consuming tasks and enhance efficiency, helping companies have more interviews, find an untapped talent pool, and partner with more community organizations.  

RiseKit’s demographics and information of their job seekers are listed below: 


  • 76% Black or African American  
  • 16% Hispanic 
  • 5% Other  
  • 3% Caucasian or White  

Armed with 30+ applicant tracking system integrations, RiseKit tackles unemployment by scaling access to jobs for hard-to-reach populations. Its collaboration with UKG will innovate the inclusivity attempts of applicant tracking systems by testing artificial intelligence, credentialing, and data science of skills matching, behavior matching, and various forms of automation.  

"Companies of all sizes can now scale community hiring initiatives while making it easier for diverse and overlooked job seekers to apply,” Matt Strauss, CEO of RiseKit. “Partnering with UKG allows us to create and test a framework that can change community engagement, diversity inclusion, and entry-level hiring for good.” 

About RiseKit 

At RiseKit, we are advocates for equal access to fulfilling job opportunities. We believe in breaking down barriers and ensuring that everyone, regardless of their background, has the chance to pursue a rewarding career. Our community-driven recruitment solutions bring together employers, social services, and workforce and education leaders to connect untapped talent with family-sustaining wage employment, promoting inclusive development and support for historically marginalized communities.


Name: Brie Foresman
Title: Growth Marketing Lead