Meet David Strauss | General Counsel & Strategic Advisor at RiseKit





Meet David Strauss, who joined the RiseKit team in July of 2020. Not only does he manage our legal and compliance matters, he also assists with strategy, new investor and customer growth, and provides both gratuitous or solicited input on anything needed to help RiseKit succeed. 

Like many others, David contemplated many different types of careers. In college, he wanted to be a doctor, then pivoted.  After graduating, he wanted to pursue a creative career (film or advertising), then pivoted. Then, he wanted to be a lawyer, which he has been doing professionally now for 25 years for law firms and market-leading, global companies. Throughout his law career, he’s been slowly pivoting toward being equal parts legal advisor and business executive.

Q&A with David Strauss

Do you have any tips for standing out in an interview? 
Preparation, authenticity, curiosity, humor

How have you been able to rise in your career?
A lot of hard work, curiosity, intelligence, creativity, humor and definitely a bit of privilege.

What time do you wake up in the morning? 

As late as I can sleep, which is usually not later than 8 am and often much earlier.

Children / Spouse? 
I have a fiance, Lisa and three daughters - ages 13, 17, 20, as well as three future step kids who are same ages as mine.

Do you have any pets?
Two dogs. A golden retriever and a bichon.

What’s your favorite vacation destination you’ve visited and why: 
Italy - cross country trip. Magical landscapes, cities, art, food and drink

Dream vacation location? 
Australia and New Zealand in a month long trip

Favorite color: 
Dark blue, dark green, dark purple

Favorite sports team: 
Duke teams, Wisconsin teams

Favorite childhood meal:
Same as today - a great cheeseburger

Nature/hiking; Reading/learning; Sports, especially racket/paddle sports; Food and drink; Movies and TV