The Tullman Family Office & RiseKit team up to increase economic mobility across Chicagoland



The Tullman Family Office & RiseKit team up to increase economic mobility across Chicagoland's ecosystem of employers, community organizations, and under-resourced jobseekers.


There are over 4,000 community-based organizations that help under-resourced job seekers who face barriers to employment across Chicagoland.  Over 60,000 entry-level jobs are open across Chicagoland According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 458,353 residents live below the poverty line in Chicago, and 72,895 Chicagoans are unemployed. 


Based on research from CauseIQ and GuideStar, roughly 4,000 human services in the Chicagoland area represent an annual budget of $6.1 Billion. It’s estimated that 20% to 50% of this grant funding duplicates efforts and emboldens fragmentation in recruiting participants, finding and partnering with employers, data entry, and tracking outcomes. This is data from RiseKit’s nonprofit partners. Below is a visual representation of what is happening. 


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This is a problem that Chicago, and every city in the United States must overcome to make sure each philanthropic dollar results in 10x social impact by minimizing duplicative efforts. 


“The fragmentation and duplication of efforts in philanthropy, paired with the lack of effective and sustainable collaboration with employers, means both business and community lose out. At Tullman Community Ventures (TCV), we recognize that the lack of economic mobility in our City is directly correlated to violence, homelessness, food insecurity, the education gap, and so many other societal challenges.  We are pleased to partner with RiseKit to support a solution to better connect overlooked talent within our community with high-impact and in-demand careers.”

- Cayley Tullman, Tullman Family Office


Tullman Community Ventures (TCV) is the operational philanthropic wing of the Tullman Family Office.  TCV works to realize the potential of all Americans through targeted investments in philanthropic causes and community ventures that help people live healthier and more prosperous lives and enable businesses to focus more on social impact. 


The Tullman Family Offices is providing up to 50 licenses to RiseKit so their software and team have the capacity to help: 


  1. Community organizations to get access to RiseKit to save time connecting participants to employers, communicating and with data entry. 
  2. Hiring companies and employers that are on the sidelines that want to try hiring from under-resourced communities but are not sure where to get started. 


“We are grateful to partner with The Tullman Family Office and Realize Impact to expand RiseKit’s reach in Chicago. This is my hometown. Now that we are expanding into Cook County, City of Evanston and Kane County, this partnership will go a long way since many companies need to hire entry-level job seekers, and don’t know where and how to get started.” - Matt Strauss, CEO and Co-founder, RiseKit 


Some of RiseKit’s partners include Chicago Urban League, Freedman Seating Company, The Alinea Group, Lettuce Entertain Restaurants, The City of Evanston, All Chicago for the Homeless, Howard Brown Health, Lawrence Hall, and Easterseals Serving Greater Chicagoland and Rockford.  


To learn how to receive a free license or just learn more, reach out to RiseKit here or at the button below to receive outreach from one of the team members.  

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About RiseKit:

RiseKit stands for a world where a person’s barriers, zip codes, and history do not define the careers they can create and the life they’re destined to live! RiseKit does this by bringing the entire workforce system to the individual to make it easier for them to find and stay on the right career pathway by providing them access to basic and career resources, a support network, and job opportunities – all-in-one place.



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